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The right support makes all the difference

Everyday Living provides a variety of services to qualified individuals. Services are funded through medical assistance and waivered services. There’s an option that’s right for you.

24-Hour Assistance

Needs don’t take a break, and neither do we.

Everyday Living provides 24-hour support to all individuals residing in our Supportive Housing or Recovery Living programs.

These around-the-clock resources include an on-site supervisor who is available Monday-Friday during regular business hours. After hours (nights and weekends), our compassionate and skilled floating staff members move from site to site, engaging with residents and addressing concerns.

That means there are no gaps in care. Our floating staff and supervisors all have 24/7 access to consultation from nurses who can respond to any health-related issues or questions.

Our philosophy: Offer structured, proactive support backed by comprehensive urgent and emergency response measures. That translates to peace of mind both for our residents and for their loved ones. Here’s more about what that means at Everyday Living.

  1. Our staffing structure promotes the availability of general reassurance for our members. This support is aimed at symptom reduction, decreasing anxiety and proactively preventing escalation.
  2. When needed, our workers initiate contact aimed at circumventing emergencies, de-escalating crises, solving problems and disputes, and other non-crisis interventions.
  3. We also offer support for emergencies. Our goal is to avoid unnecessary use of 911 services, Crisis Residential Units (CRU) and/or undesirable coping alternatives (e.g., alcohol use). These interventions can occur via phone or in person as needed. Life-threatening situations are always referred immediately to 911 or CRU.

Adult Day Services

Everyday Living offers Adult Day Services in our Community Residential Support, Supportive Housing, Recovery Living and to individuals who live in their homes.

The Adult Day program is offered five days per week and features fun, educational activities. Activities have included visits to Valleyfair and Crystal Cave, sporting events, music-related activities and unique educational programs.

We focus on socialization, healthy lifestyle, and community integration.

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

At Everyday Living, we know that day-to-day life can become overwhelming. Mental health symptoms can dramatically interfere with an individual’s ability to function at his or her full potential. Our Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) program is designed to offer individualized support and facilitate recovery so people who are struggling can progress toward renewed health.

ARMHS is flexible. We bring support to your doorstep or, if applicable, to a community space. The program focuses on:

  • Basic living skills
  • Social skills
  • Community intervention
  • Medication education
  • Transitioning into the community

Mental health professionals oversee ARMHS, and participants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Face a professionally diagnosed mental illness
  • Receive medical assistance
  • Live in Dakota or Hennepin counties

Independent Living Skills

Transitioning toward independence can be simultaneously empowering and intimidating. We understand, and we’re here to help. Our Independent Living Skills (ILS) program is available in Everyday Living’s Supporting Housing, Recovery Living and private settings.

Caring, professional ILS practitioners assist individuals as they transition toward independence. We know that no two people have the same needs, so we tailor our ILS program to cater to each individual. We also employ Licensed Practical Nurses who provide additional support related to healthcare management.

ILS Services include:

  • Nutrition management
  • Household management
  • Participation in purposeful activities
  • Community orientation
  • Time management
  • Safety and self defense
  • Service provider management
  • Personal and healthcare management
  • Relationship communication
  • Civic awareness, rights and public assistance
  • Problem solving
  • Housing

Supported Employment Services

Employment is a major component of living independently. We offer Supported Employment Services in our Community Residential Support, Supportive Housing, Recovery Living and private settings.

Everyday Living has a strong history of partnering with local organizations to facilitate employment, and we also employ individuals within and outside our own properties.

Supported Employment Services include:

  • Paid positions with Everyday Living, including landscaping, carpentry, painting and other opportunities
  • Vocation-specific training
  • Soft skill training, including attire, behavior and time management
  • Customized employment support, job coaching and resume development

Customized Living

We treat everyone we serve like an individual. That’s why we offer Customized Living, a highly tailored program that combines health-related and supportive services.

Our Customized Living program is overseen by a registered nurse and may include:

  • Home management tasks, including meal prep, laundry and housekeeping
  • Mental health related supports related to self-injurious behavior, anxiety, aggression and more
  • Socialization
  • Medication management
  • Assistance setting up meetings or appointments
  • Up to 24-hour supervision and oversight

Community Residential Support (CRS)

Everyday Living offers CRS services (formerly Adult Foster Care) as a step to a healthier, more independent life.

Our team works with residents with a wide range of needs, including transitional and long-term care. We have a strong understanding of mental health, brain injury and healthcare management, and our staff are on-site and available to residents 24 hours a day.

EDL works alongside our residents to foster an energetic and inclusive community focused on increased independence, goal setting and daily living skills.