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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please call us at 651-688-7173 if you have any other questions.

Can EDL provide services to individuals outside of listed properties?

YES! If you’re someone who lives in a house or apartment not listed, we would love to work with you. Call us at 651-688-7173 to see if we have someone on staff who would be a good fit.

How are EDL’s services funded?

Whether you want to attend our Day Program, join our work crew, reside with us or receive services, funding will come from a county waiver. To qualify for county-waivered services, you must first be enrolled in some form of disability-based Medical Assistance (MA). If you are interested in our services and do not have a county waiver, you can contact your local human services agency.

For more information on funding and waivered services visit Disability Benefits 101.

Is there a time limit on how long I can stay in one of your apartments or houses or how soon can I leave?

Duration of stay in our residences is based on each individual. You drive your program and success, and we’re here to walk (or run) beside you. If you have a goal to leave after three months, we want to support you in making that a reality. On the flip side, if you don’t plan on leaving so soon, that’s ok too. Let’s figure out how to make this place your home!

If I live in supportive housing, do I have to live with other people? If I choose to live with another person, do I get to pick my roommate?

Living with other people depends on the residences. We have some communal living homes, two-bedroom apartments, and one-bedroom apartments. If you choose to live with another person, we definitely want you involved in choosing a roommate who will be the best fit with your preferences. Oftentimes, if EDL has someone in mind who might be a good match, we’ll coordinate a time to meet and grab coffee or lunch so that you can make an informed decision about living with another individual.

What if I have some rental barriers? (i.e., criminal history, unlawful detainer, limited income)

We understand that everyone’s past looks different. We want to be a place that works with you, not against you. We ask that you are up front about your personal circumstances so that we can have an honest conversation about where to go from here.

How does EDL select individuals to provide services to?

First, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable working with us. Second, we want to move forward with people who are motivated and dedicated to success. If you’re someone who has goals, we want to work with you to accomplish those targets.

Does EDL provide moving services?

Our work crew does have a moving truck. If you are moving into one of our properties, we would be happy to schedule a date to assist you with moving your belongings. If you are moving into a property outside of EDL and want to take advantage of our moving truck, call our Service Manager and they will walk you through that process.