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Find the place that feels like home

We offer a variety of residential communities designed to address a broad spectrum of needs. There’s an option that’s right for you.

Community Residential Support (CRS)

All of EDL’s Community Residential Support Services (formerly Adult Foster Care) settings are thoughtfully designed for accessibility, convenience and comfort for residents with a wide range of needs.

We offer suitable facilities for both long-term and transitional care. Our team has a strong understanding of mental health, brain injury and healthcare management, and staff are onsite and available to residents 24 hours a day.

Community Residential Support services foster an energetic and inclusive community focused on increased independence, goal setting and daily living skills

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing is structured around independent apartment living backed by tailored levels of service. Our goal is to nurture, support and empower residents in ways that address their unique needs.

We’re experienced at finding creative housing solutions for those facing complex issues and rental barriers.

Supportive services add structure and reassurance, with available 24-hour assistance. Each residence offers an on-site supervisor during business hours and a floating staff available after hours and on weekends.

Studio/1BR/2BR apartments are available with monthly rent ranging from $375-$800.

Customized Living

Customized Living program is highly individualized according to each person's needs. It is overseen by a registered nurse and combines health-related and supportive services.

For each individual in Customized living, Everyday Living offers a unique combination of services that may include home management tasks, mental health related support, socialization, medication management and assistance with appointments.

EDL staff is on-site and available up to 24 hours a day.